Appendix Data Structures - Diary

The following types of diary entries are supported:

● diary_meal (DM)
● exercise (E)
● steps (S)
● steps_aggregate (SA)
Name Type Description DM E S SA
type String type of the entry x x x x
id String unique identifier - x x x
date Date The date of this entry, in ISO 8601 format (YYYY­MM­DD) x x x x
device_id String The identifier of the device used to create this entry - x x x
parent_id String unique identifier of the parent of this entry, if one exists - - x -
tags List(String) A set of string tags associated with this entry - x - -
nutritional_contents Nutritional Contents Calculated nutritional contents of this entry x - - -
start_time Timestamp The start date/time of the entry - x x x
duration Integer The duration of the entry, in seconds - x x x
energy Measured Value Energy expended in this entry - x x x
diary_meal String The name of the diary meal logged in this entry x - - -
exercise Exercise - x - -  
steps Integer The number of steps logged in this entry - - x x
quantity [deprecated] Integer The number of times this exercise was performed, such as with pushups. - x - -
sets Integer The number of sets performed - x - -
reps_per_set Integer The number of repetitions per set - x - -
weight_per_set Measured Value The amount of weight used on each set - x - -
distance Measured Value The distance covered by the exercise - x - -
max_speed Measured Value The maximum speed achieved in the exercise - x - -
avg_heart_rate Integer The average heart rate measured during the exercise, in beats per minute - x - -
max_heart_rate Integer The maximum heart rate measured during the exercise, in beats per minute - x - -
elevation_change Measured Value The elevation change experienced in the exercise. May be negative. - x - -
primary Boolean Whether this aggregate is from the user’s primary step source - - - x

Property legend, by diary entry type:

x: Applies
-: Not Applicable