The following resource structure definition is relevant for this set of endpoints:


GET ​/measurements/​:measurementId

Required permission scope: ​measurements

Retrieves the measurement with the given identifier, provided the user identified by the mfp-user-id​ header is authorized to access it.

Example response

    "item": {
      "id": "s09feu438vfn3kgh",
      "type": "weight",
      "value": 208,
      "unit": "pounds",
      "date": "2014-04-16",
      "updated_at": "2014-05-06T08:30:05-07:00"

Required permission scope: ​measurements

Retrieves a set of measurements for the logged­in user, whose id is the value of the mfp-user-id​ header. Measurements are retrieved for a single entry date, and may be narrowed by measurement type.

GET ​/measurements   

Request query parameters

Name Description Type Required Sample Values
entry_date Measurement creation date to search for, in ISO 8601 format: YYYY-MM-DD. Date Y 2014-05-15
types A comma-delimited list of measurement types to include. String N weight

Currently, “weight” is the only supported measurement type.

## Response

The response is an ordered list of measurements matching the request parameters. Pagination rules apply in the event of many measurements created on a the same date.