The following resource structure definition is relevant for this set of endpoints:


GET ​/measurements/​:measurementId

Required permission scope: ​measurements

Retrieves the measurement with the given identifier, provided the user identified by the mfp-user-id​ header is authorized to access it.

Example response

    "item": {
      "id": "s09feu438vfn3kgh",
      "type": "weight",
      "value": 208,
      "unit": "pounds",
      "date": "2014-04-16",
      "updated_at": "2014-05-06T08:30:05-07:00"

Required permission scope: ​measurements

Retrieves a set of measurements for the logged­in user, whose id is the value of the mfp-user-id​ header. Measurements are retrieved for a single entry date, and may be narrowed by measurement type.

GET ​/measurements   

Request query parameters

Name Description Type Required Sample Values
entry_date Measurement creation date to search for, in ISO 8601 format: YYYY-MM-DD. Date Y 2014-05-15
types A comma-delimited list of measurement types to include. String N weight

Currently, “weight” is the only supported measurement type.


The response is an ordered list of measurements matching the request parameters. Pagination rules apply in the event of many measurements created on a the same date.