Measurements POST

POST ​/measurements

Required permission scope: ​measurements

Creates one or more measurements.

Request Body

The request body is a representation of an array of measurements. If no value is supplied for date​, its value will be the current date.

Properties for each measurement representation in the request body

Name Type Required Default Values
type String Y N/A
value Float Y N/A
unit String Y N/A
date Date Y N/A

The ​weight​ measurement type supports the following units:

● pounds
● kilograms

Example request body

  "items": [
        "type": "weight",
        "value": 208,
        "unit": "pounds",
        "date": "2014-04-16"
    }, {
        "type": "weight",
        "value": 203,
        "unit": "pounds",
        "date": "2014-05-06"
        "type": "weight",
        "value": 200,
        "unit": "pounds",
        "date": "2014-06-20"


Since a request may create multiple Measurement resources, a success response will include:

● a ​Location​ header with the URI of the first measurement created
● a list of all measurements created, as they would be returned by a GET request.