Subscription Notifications

When a user action triggers a subscription notification, such as the creation of an exercise diary entry, a POST request will be made to the client’s configured notification URL. The request will have a ​Content-Type​ of ​application/json​, and the body will consist of a JSON array of items, each of which has the following properties:

● user_id​ – the unique identifier of the user who owns the item
● item_type​ – the type of the item
● item_url​ – the URL where the item in question may be retrieved

Additional HTTP headers that will be included:

● Date​ – the date and time the request was sent (should be automatically included by server)
● Content­Length​ – the size of the body, in bytes (should be automatically included by server)

Servers receiving the request should acknowledge receipt of the request with a response containing a status code in the 200­299 range and an empty body.

Example Request Body

This example includes notifications about five items, two of which are associated with the same user.

        "user_id": "9w48rhg489hg48h2fw4",
        "item_type": "measurements",
        "item_url": ""
    }, {
        "user_id": "9w48rhg489hg48h33r",
        "item_type": "diary_exercise",
        "item_url": ""
        "user_id": "vnl43i56h49guy4g3r34",
        "item_type": "diary_meal",
        "item_url": ""
    }, {
        "user_id": "jvl4i4vh3ifh3g48fhj",
        "item_type": "diary_steps",
        "item_url": ""
    }, {
        "user_id": "p4934ug984ug837f9fdn",
        "item_type": "user_info",
        "item_url": ""